What does “garrison” mean?

Before Garrison Bespoke was recognized as the #1 Bespoke Tailor in Toronto, it started as an idea. Over 10 years ago, Michael Nguyen founded a humble suit shop in Toronto. His goal? Making the best handmade suits for discerning men around the world. Fast forward to today, Garrison Bespoke is now the top tailor in Canada, with well over 1000 true fans.

Publications such as Toronto Life, Sharp Magazine, The Globe and Mail, The Washington Times, and GQ, have featured Garrison among their lists of outstanding places to buy a suit. Fox, CBS, and even the Discovery Channel has taken notice of our custom suits, naming Garrison Bespoke as the most “refined” suiting experience for modern men.

Why the name Garrison? Historically, a Garrison was the term for a body of troops stationed in a location, a gathering place for soldiers in times of war. The Garrison was aptly named, as the Garrison shops have become a place for men to be suited up to go out into their lives. For them to be equipped for whatever battles they were going into.

We take pride in going beyond simply making suits — we create garments that inspire confidence and success.

For whatever battles you’ve got to face in your life, The Garrison has your back.