The Garrison Bespoke Experience

There’s custom suiting, then there’s the Garrison Experience. At The Garrison, we pride ourselves on offering a Bespoke experience for our clients. Here are the steps we take to ensure an memorable experience and expertly-fit suit.


The Consult

Our first step is to get to know you. Sit down with us and we’ll pour you a drink. Our stylists will work with you to select a style and fabric that fit your lifestyle, personality and goals. The expert consult is half the battle when it comes to building a one-of-a-kind piece.


The MEasurements

The next step is to make your pattern. We take measurements from you, while seamlessly continuing the consult. With an expert eye and your preferences in mind, we will collaborate with you to achieve your ideal fit.


The Fitting

The garments take 6-8 weeks to build. We will book you in for a fitting once they arrive. Any alterations required will be done in Vancouver. Once complete, the suit is ready for use. Your measurement pattern will remain on file for future pieces.



At Garrison Bespoke Vancouver, we offer two lines- Made-to-Measure and Modern Bespoke. Our Made-to-Measure line starts at $1,000 for a suit and our Modern Bespoke starts at $1,500 for a suit. Pricing primarily depends on the type of fabric we select.