The Garrison Man: Working to Live

Garrison Bespoke fall winter light gray check suit

In the pursuit of comfort, men’s wear designers have continually strived to create garments that offer the person wearing them style, with function being an afterthought.  

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For those who cherish the tradition of old-school tailoring but live and work in an increasingly active world, the reinterpretation of the 3-piece business staple—suit, dress shirt, and tie—results in disappointment. Season after season of collections created with unsuitable fabrics, inappropriate colours and patterns, and a general lack of quality, ultimately brings the man who desires more to our door in the downtown Financial District.  

This is because the Garrison Bespoke represents the modern man who is not bound to his desk, his office, and a structure of rigidity. He is a man unencumbered by trends or popular opinion. He is in perpetual motion, moving between home and office, job-site and presentations, dining out to spending an evening in. Add this to travel, a family, and…you get the picture.

Garrison Bespoke Suit Fall Winter collection styling


It is this man who cheered at our Fall/Winter Launch Event when the new product line was revealed. The event, hosted by Garrison Bespoke Vancouver founder’s Will Chen and Richard Wong, allowed the duo an opportunity to speak directly to their clients.

Will shared his passion for the business and that the west coast man is well-rounded and adventurous by nature. He works and thrives in industries where the suit is not the norm, and mentions technology, cannabis, and cryptocurrency, as examples. 


The Rugby Stretch Suit

Features four-way elasticity which makes the product suitable for men who require accessibility and ease-of-wear over the course of the day.

Bespoke Fall Winter Stretch Wool Rugby Flannel Suit

· Versatile casual suit

· Natural stretch – 100% wool flannel

· Stain and water-resistant

· Variety of colours

· Pieces can be worn individually

The Storm Coat

Created with the fabric designed initially for RAF pilots and designed to keep one cool and to protect from the elements. 

Garrison Bespoke Fall Winter Lifestyle Collection Storm Coat WW1 Trench

· Classic WWI trench coat pattern with belt

· Metal details – throat closure, belt loops

· Raglan shoulder for extra movement

· Can be built-in water-resistant cotton, wool, or cashmere

· Stylish and functional in Vancouver’s rainy winters

The Officers Coat

created with the same fabric and qualities as the Storm Coat, has its structure inspired by a military officer’s coat.

Garrison Bespoke Fall Winter Green Wool Cashmere Officer Coat

· Flattering double-breasted cut

· Tailored silhouette fits over a suit jacket

· Versatile to wear – a wardrobe staple

These new Garrison Fall/Winter products will breathe new life into your wardrobe, and due to the highest quality tailoring, fabrics; you will enjoy them for many years to come.


Garrison Bespoke is a leader Canada-wide with their push into lifestyle tailoring and creating a community of Garrison Men who know what they want and how to get it.

Will and Richard understand that style that is ultimately versatile, and less about what is on-trend for lapels and cuffs and more about creating clothing that stands strong on its own.

Garrison Bespoke Vancouver's Second Anniversary

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We’ve recently celebrated our second anniversary in Vancouver. Check out the event photos here:

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Thank you for your continued support of Garrison Bespoke in Vancouver. We hope to be of service for many years to come.