A Guide to Summer Fabrics

Wearing a suit during the summer can be a sweaty affair, here are some of our favourite fabrics to keep you cool. Whether you’re partying at a summer wedding, or want a go-to travel piece, we’ve got you covered.



A personal favourite of ours, and touted by our Toronto shop as the perfect material for the Year Round Summer Suit, chambray is an amazingly versatile cloth. Comprised of a versatile blend of textiles- wool, silk and linen, chambray offers the benefits of each. Wool gives the cloth structure, silk gives it a luxurious handfeel and linen for the summer breathability. Comes in a variety of colours.



A weave named after the texture of the bags they use to carry hops, Hopsack is an airy, open weave. Even though it’s 100% wool, the Hopsack weave allows the fabric to breathe easily and release wrinkles. Perfect for a hard-wearing travel jacket or a casual summer wedding suit.



A great way to inject some personality into summer wardrobe is with some fun patterns and textures. Whether it’s a fun sport coat or a bold suit, we’ve got something for all summer wardrobes. Our summer collection comes in a variety of textiles and blends-cotton, linen, silk and wool are the prominent materials used.

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