The Garrison Man: Living for Leisure

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The cuts that define modern suiting and the various styles in our wardrobes can be traced to the tailored garments of the upper-class in 18th century Britain. Most of the defining elements for today’s suits were developed in the 1800s when tailors, who created the tuxedo for formal events, began to evolve the stiff shape and cut for less formal occasions and ultimately everyday workwear.

In fact, it was the Savile Row tailors, who had designed centuries of military uniforms, who undertook this transformation. While steeped in tradition, the cherished elements that create a crisp, tailored look are not always suitable for the lifestyle of today’s modern man. 

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In a previously posted blog, Building a Stylish Suiting Wardrobe, we outlined three key points of suiting that are the pillars of the Garrison promise and should never be compromised:

  • Quality Over Quantity – The cost-per-wear for a quality piece will be lower over the course of its lifespan, and therefore more valuable.

  • Fit is King – For the man that is looking to project confidence and competence, how his suit fits is everything.

  • Versatility – Acquire pieces that can be mixed and matched together; a 3-piece suit with natural shoulders is your ideal base.

The Garrison Fall/Winter collection includes the Rugby Stretch SuitThe Storm Coat, and The Officers Coat, all with the highest quality tailoring, fabrics, and warmth for the season. All those who attended our 2nd Anniversary Event will have heard about these pieces firsthand in Will’s opening speech, and had the opportunity to view the water-resistant Storm Coat. 

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Comfort Away from Work

The Garrison Man demands suiting with a fit that is modern and made to last, but he is also a man who understands leisure. His day does not end when he leaves the workplace; in actuality, it is just beginning. Looking sharp and being comfortable throughout the evening is of utmost importance. 

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Our fall fabric selection assures that you maintain your need for comfort and enjoy a range of motion not possible with restrictive suiting that off-the-rack purveyors offer. With stretch and breathability, innovative materials, and construction, your suit will take you to the gym, the club for a game or two of snooker, or relax with a perfectly aged whiskey while enjoying a game of strategy.

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Breaking away from tradition suiting fabrics in favour of those with more natural stretch, like our 100% wool flannel, allows the creation of looks that have less structure and venture towards leisure.

Off-Work Elements to Add

With the addition of a few key elements, your Garrison suit becomes suitable for whatever the city throws at you. Accept the challenge! 

  • Scarves: Worn loose or in a European knot, a scarf (cashmere, angora, wool) adds a strong element of style, especially when used to introduce colour to an otherwise monochromatic look.

  • Bracelets: The role of the bracelet is to emphasize the overall look. Choose ones with different materials, natural elements such as wood, clay, rope, and leather, work well with suiting and layer them your timepiece.

  • Denim: Wearing jeans with a jacket was once the signifier of ‘preppy style,’ but as with many things in fashion, it inevitably has become acceptable to wear these two elements together without the burden of a label. So, pair your favourite distressed denim with your Garrison Rugby Stretch Suit jacket and silk stretch-dress shirt, add a scarf, a few bracelets, and you have captured a brilliantly smart casual look for fall/winter.

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At Garrison, we will work with you to design one-of-a-kind leisure pieces that you will wear for many years to come, provide expert styling advice to guarantee your investment, and, as always, offer all a tumbler of our finest for your sipping pleasure.