Vancouver’s Finest Custom Suits

Originally founded in Toronto, Garrison Bespoke has finally opened its doors in Vancouver. At Garrison, we are committed to making the best custom suits for the modern discerning man. Our craft lies in creating stylish garments that not only adhere to contemporary trends in men’s fashion, but also to their unique lifestyle. Using traditional tailoring methods passed down from both British and Italian tailors, Garrison provides each and every client with expert advice on how to build the most stylish and practical wardrobe for daily wear. We take pride in creating garments that inspire confidence and success- far and beyond the simple cut of a suit.


A modern fit

We’ve heard time and again that “fit is king.” The garment should be cut to accentuate and flatter a man’s body. Off-the-rack clothing simply doesn’t provide the same modern style and fit for your body, your image, or your lifestyle. Our bespoke suits are cut to make every man look his best. The modern man deserves clothing that speaks to who he is: strong, confident, and forward-thinking.

Custom garments from Garrison layer modern styling over a foundation of classical tailoring- conservative enough to convey credibility, yet bold enough to stand out.

This mindset in styling extends beyond our suits to include shirts, overcoats, tuxedos, trousers, and even shoes.


Made to last

One of the key philosophies behind our bespoke clothing is quality. We want our men to enjoy their pieces, time and time again. Our garments are made from a selection of exclusive fabrics imported from Italy and the UK. The quality in the cloth is apparent with every wear.

Bespoke quality isn’t merely in the look of the suit — it’s in the feeling. Wearing a garment that was made for you feels special, comfortable and ultimately, like home. Our clients agree that a well-fitted suit makes them feel powerful. It helps them stand taller, exude confidence, and project a bold statement wherever they go.


Expert Guidance

Successful men don’t have the time nor the inclination to study trends, styles, or fabrics — that’s where we come in. Our in-house stylists are ready to work with you one-on-one to learn about your individual lifestyle and provide you with the best options for both performance and profession. Come in for a drink and a conversation, and we’ll go over the details of the piece – the cuts, proportions, and fabrics. Our focus will be in finding the perfect fit for your frame, personality, and everyday needs; let us help you achieve your goals.

At Garrison, we’ll tell you the truth. We’ll make sure you leave looking great and feeling confident.