Directions from Gastown

Garrison Bespoke is a short walk away from Vancouver’s iconic neighbourhood of Gastown. Located on the east end of Vancouver’s Downtown, Gastown is in close proximity to the Vancouver Seawall-which leads to Stanley Park. Gastown is a lively and very trendy eating area, which also includes a healthy (or indulgent) shopping scene as well.

Gastown was Vancouver’s original downtown area and is named after a Yorkshire seaman by the name of “Gassy” Jack Deighton. He was the captain of a steamboat and a barkeep who opened the first bar in the area. The town grew as a result of the Hastings sawmill and it soon became a center for trade.

The streets are Gastown are known for being paved with cobblestone, coarse red-brown bricks lend much of their character to Gastown’s historical vibe. Adding to the aesthetic, Gastown has some amazing industrial architecture, some of the buildings are still standing after being rebuilt from the great fire of 1886.

The Gastown Steam Clock is an iconic landmark in Vancouver, it is a “steam-powered” clock. The clock is actually powered by descending weights, with the steam engine at the bottom powering a winding mechanism. This clock draws crowds of tourists in the summer, as it marks each hour with a steam whistle, much to the delight of the out of town onlookers.

The fashion scene in Gastown is also fairly robust. Featuring a wide variety of local shops and designers, Gastown houses apparel from streetwear to high fashion, denim shops to luggage brands and everything in between. Gastown has also been mentioned as one of the most stylish neighbourhoods in the world.

Featuring some of the finest eateries in Vancouver, Gastown has many different cuisines and dinning experiences available. From causal bars to upscale brunch, the area has something for every type of foodie in your party.

Gastown is a brief 15 minute walk from us at Garrison Bespoke or a short bus ride away.