Directions from Granville island

The directions to the Garrison from Granville Island are shown below. Granville Island is a world renowned shopping, food and entertainment area, located to the south of Downtown Vancouver. Contrary to it’s name, Granville Island is not actually an island nowadays, but rather a peninsula that extends out north from the south end of the Granville St. Bridge.

Granville Island did originally start as an island in False Creek, it was a man made area that was supposed to house a fishing terminal. The area where the terminal was planned was filled in, creating the space we know today as Granville Island.

The island is a well known tourist site, many tourists can be seen perusing the streets of Granville Island during Vancouver’s summer seasons. For good reason as well, Granville Island boasts many options for dining and also houses an open air public market. The market is a wonderful experience, vendors come daily with fresh wares, including fruits, vegetables and seafood. You can also find unique arts and crafts for sale.

The view is stunning from Granville Island, grab an ice cream on a warm summer day and sit by the water to enjoy the picture perfect view. Or take your meal to go, and walk along the Seawall, which extends to the world famous Stanley Park.

The nightlife is fun on the Island, see a comedy show or play. If theater isn’t your thing, feel free to visit any of the highly rated restaurants in the area, or even the brewery. The Granville Island Brewing Company started on the island and offers a variety of refreshing beers.

Granville Island is accessible from the south by vehicle or on foot with the Aquabus. Granville Island is a 30 minute bus ride away from the Garrison.