Wedding Suit vs Tuxedo

The beauty of menswear lies in its simplicity. However, even for the wedding day, the common question still looms: suit or tuxedo?


The Wedding Suit

The old standby, the wedding suit. You can’t really go wrong with a suit. Relative to the tuxedo, the suit is definitely more versatile. It comes in a plethora of colours and cuts, appropriate for most wedding venues and setups.

From rustic outdoor golf courses to upscale restaurants, we can customize a suit for each wedding occasion. A case in point is warm weather suiting for beach weddings. A suit can be made to keep you calm and cool on your big day.

Many guys also like to be able to use their suits after their wedding. In our consult, we can help you build a suit that can integrate into your existing lifestyle and wardrobe.

The wedding tux

The dressier option of the two styles, the tux is best fitted for more formal occasions. The main distinguishing difference of the tuxedo is the presence of a satin lapel-usually black. Generally cut in peak lapel or shawl lapel styles, the tux is best suited for a black tie evening event.

As for versatility, if you’re thinking of using your piece after the wedding, the tuxedo may be relegated to only the dressier occasions you have each year. There’s the occasion chance the jacket can be worn with a tee shirt and jeans, but the suit is definitely more versatile of a piece.

Garrison-Bespoke-Custom-Tailored Wedding.jpg

The verdict

In closing, we recommend the suit as the more versatile option for both during and after the wedding. The tuxedo is a solid choice if you’d like a dressier, more formal option for you big day. If you’d like to chat with someone about your look for your wedding day, book your consult with Garrison Bespoke today.